June 11, 2012 12:33 pm

Windows Intune with Mobile Device Management is Now Available

This week at TechEd, we announced that the next version of Windows Intune is officially available. In April at the Microsoft Management Summit, we shared many of the new features and functionality of this latest version, so today I wanted to talk about how customers are using Windows Intune’s cloud-based PC management and security.


As shown in this infographic (above), the newest version of Windows Intune includes expanded management and security benefits through mobile device management and adds people-centric management capabilities. Windows Intune also includes upgrade rights to the latest version of Windows, giving you access to Windows 7 now and Windows 8 when it becomes available.

European-based financial and management advisory firm goetzpartner leverages Windows Intune to meet their highly mobile consultants’ equipment needs for important customer meetings while keeping sensitive data secure.

“Before Windows Intune, we simply didn’t allow our employees to bring their own devices into our network environment,” said Hakan Kutlug, head of information technology, goetzpartners. “Now, with Windows Intune’s mobile device management, our employees can choose their own devices that work best for them, and IT can still centrally manage and support those devices and ensure that our corporate data is protected.”

At nonprofit organization Save the Children, Windows Intune allows IT to better manage and secure the thousands of users and their devices within their network environment.

“We pride ourselves on giving our users flexible choices in terms of which devices they use, but we also need visibility into those devices and be able to protect them,” said Ken Supersano, senior director of Technology, Save the Children U.S. “Windows Intune’s mobile device management is the feature that gives us the snapshots we need so that our employees can have the confidence that technology isn’t going to be a limitation in their ability to do their jobs and support children across the planet.”

What can Windows Intune do for you and your business? Download the 30-day trial here and let us know. Or if you are already using Windows Intune, give us your feedback and insight by leaving a comment here.

Updated November 8, 2014 1:21 am