November 5, 2012 9:23 am

Businesses Find New Opportunities with Windows 8 Apps

On the heels of the official general availability of Windows 8 that we celebrated in New York, I’d like to share a few stories from businesses that are leveraging the Windows 8 platform to develop apps to innovate their business, and improve employee and customer experiences. I encourage you to take a look at the Customer Spotlight Press Release issued today featuring this news, as well as a complementary blog post that highlights new line of business apps developed by our ISV partners that are helping companies address key business needs. In this same vein, there’s a great on-demand video available of the Windows 8 Customer Panel held at Gartner Symposium in Orlando, where British Telecom, PCL Construction, Rooms To Go and Seton Hall University shared their unique Windows 8 stories.

Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution: Business-to-Business FoxFast App


Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution is one of the largest dealers of television and film worldwide. As with many other industries, entertainment has seen a shift in the way many work – executives constantly on the go, often traveling or working from home – but still needing to remain connected with their products. With an increasingly mobile business landscape and the division’s transition to a fully digital distribution model, the studio needed a simple, yet effective method for broadcasters to securely screen its products and download their marketing assets on the go.

Enter – the studio’s solution to an ever-changing business landscape. The site, which serves as a comprehensive marketing and materials website, was created to give easy 24/7 access to all its promotional materials, as well as the ability to screen the studio’s many shows and movies. The next natural evolution for the site was to make its great offerings even more accessible, so Fox created the FoxFast Windows 8 app – a touch-first app that scales to work on a variety of devices. The new app provides customers with an authenticated experience to securely screen content and manage marketing assets. User experience matters in entertainment, so creating an excellent experience with Windows 8 means it’s that much easier for broadcasters to stay connected to their businesses. Available in the Windows Store, the FoxFast app allows users to now capitalize on’s unique capabilities – anytime, anywhere around the world. Check out the video Fox created to share the app with their broadcast partners here.

Johnson & Johnson: Business-to-Consumer Digital Health Scorecard App


Johnson & Johnson has developed a new Windows 8 app called the Digital Health Scorecard that helps consumers better understand how healthy they are. The app asks seven questions about health measures and habits and then delivers a single number that can help people understand their health status, as well as steps they can take to lessen long term risk for developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The insight gained from the Digital Health Scorecard can help engage and motivate people to make small lifestyle changes that can lead to healthier, happier lives.

The app also allows people to see what their health score could become with specific improvements to health measures and can be reused on a regular basis to track progress over time. The app includes the ability to print a score report – making it easy for people to use when talking with their health care providers about the improving health and lessening the likelihood of developing chronic disease.

Rooms To Go: Line-of-Business Sales App


Since opening its first set of doors in 1991, Rooms To Go has set out to change the way people buy furniture. The company, which has grown to become America’s number one independent furniture business carrying the nation’s largest furniture inventory, introduced the concept of displaying and packaging furniture in complete room settings to increase cost savings and simplify the shopping experience for customers.

To further enhance the experience for in-store shoppers, Rooms To Go developed a Windows 8 sales app that integrates with point of sale and the customer management system. With this app, customers are able to fluidly browse the full line of inventory on a Windows 8 tablet, allowing them to better conceptualize the variety of available room settings. Additionally, sales associates are able to stage the sales process and transaction without leaving the customer’s side. The app takes advantage of continuous connectivity, and allows for a cost-effective experience across 175 stores.

Bank of America: Business-to-Consumer Mobile Banking App


As more and more of us are continually on the go, Bank of America is committed to providing people with secure access to their accounts anytime, anywhere. The company has developed a digital experience that is optimized for Windows 8 – the Bank of America Mobile Banking app – that takes advantage of unique Windows 8 features like Live Tiles. Customers can check balances, pay bills, make transfers, find locations, make deposits, receive alerts, and redeem BankAmeriDeals offers from tablets, laptops, and desktops.

I hope these stories inspire you to check out Windows 8 possibilities for your own business or find out more about the deployment tools and guidance available to help with your Windows 8 planning and deployments. We’re excited to hear and share more from companies as they develop new Windows 8 apps, experience new hardware and evaluate and deploy Windows 8.

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