September 15, 2013 11:00 pm

Windows Apps Enhance Mobility for Financial Institutions

This week, Microsoft is at Sibos, one of the financial service industry’s premier events, discussing how our technology can help financial institutions grow their businesses through mobile innovations for employees and customers. As our world continues to become more mobile, people expect constant connectivity and easy access to information, whether working remotely or on the go in their personal lives.

To this point, we’re working with financial institutions to help them embrace mobility to take advantage of the new business opportunities it offers; as well as build great mobile experiences for their employees and customers. The Windows platform is uniquely positioned to help companies utilize mobile technologies, so that they can do business in new ways, while also meeting the stringent IT standards for security, manageability and support that financial institutions require for their sensitive data.

Windows 8 was built to help employees stay productive and connected on the go. Windows 8.1 advances this vision and introduces new manageability, mobility, security, and networking capabilities that I’ve mentioned here before. We designed Windows 8.1 with enterprise needs in mind, to ensure companies, especially in sectors like financial services, have advanced tools to protect their sensitive information –including biometrics for user authentication, remote business data removal for BYOD devices, and encryption support on all Windows 8.1 devices. As mobility demands increase, features like DirectAccess and business-class VPN functionality allow employees to stay connected to the people, apps and data they need to get their jobs done, while keeping corporate networks and data secure.

By extending online customer banking capabilities through Windows apps, financial institutions can reach new customers, retain current ones, and improve the monetization of visits. Today at Sibos a few of our partners are announcing new Windows apps built for today’s mobile mindset:

SunGard Concierge 2

SunGard’s Ambit Concierge app for Windows 8 provides secure, real-time mobile access to the bank’s transaction processing system so employees can engage with customers and transact business while away from the branch – it allows the tablet to be much more than just a tool for information sharing.

Reuters BoardlinkDashboardLong

Thomson Reuters’ BoardLink app give company board members one place to store all of their important documents and information. Many boards require their members to carry a physical version of documents, presenting security concerns. BoardLink provides a safe place to share information and encourage collaboration across the board.

Temenos screenshot 1

Temenos’ prototype Treasury Management Dashboard app for Windows 8 gives treasury managers and senior bank members one central location for all their data. This app helps employees determine risks and their positioning, which gives them the ability to manage opportunities and problems wherever they may be.

It’s so great to see these companies taking advantage of mobile innovation to better serve their customers and help employees be more productive. For more information on everything Microsoft is doing this week at Sibos, visit the Vertical Industries blog.

I encourage you to start building and piloting Windows apps for your own business. For a full list of the new business features in Windows 8.1 Enterprise, check out the list here. More information, technical guidance and best practices for deployment planning is available on the Springboard Blog for IT Professionals.

Updated November 8, 2014 1:14 am