December 9, 2013 12:21 pm

Line of Business ISVs and Windows 8.1 – Leading the Way

Sanket Akerkar, Vice President, Developer and Platform Evangelism group (DPE), works closely with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) as they develop the latest applications that help improve the way people and companies do business. Today, Sanket offers a look at some of the latest names helping deliver these solutions that maximize the Windows 8.1 experience. – Erwin Visser

As we’ve shared over the last several months, Windows 8.1 offers a highly personalized and productive experience at work for employees, while also delivering enterprise-grade solutions that IT departments require to secure and manage business data. At the center of this experience are new line of business apps, developed by our key ISV partners for Windows devices. I wanted to take a moment to thank these partners and many more who are building on Windows and delivering compelling business solutions to our mutual customers. The combination of Windows 8.1, new ISV business apps, and hardware choice is singularly suited for the needs of modern businesses.

With more than one billion users in the world, the scale and opportunity of Windows is unparalleled for the partner ecosystem. Already we’re seeing some key industry ISV business apps from partners such as Airstrip, McGraw Hill, Splashtop Inc, SpeechTrans, Veeva Systems, Spotfire Metrics, and Tyler Technologies who are delivering unique value to our mutual customers.

Below is only a short list of some of the many incredible commercial apps for Windows 8.1 that are already available to customers. For those considering Windows 8.1 as a commercial solution, I encourage you to take a look.

Screenshot (61)

Veeva Systems delivers industry-specific cloud-based solutions—including data, software, and services—to the global life sciences industry. Veeva’s Mobile CRM and CLM solution for Windows provides customer data, interactions, and content in a single application.

Splashtop for Business

Splashtop Inc. delivers best-in-class cross-screen productivity and collaboration experiences. Splashtop Business – Remote Desktop makes it simple for your team members to remotely access all of the applications and files on their PCs.

CINCH Learning

McGraw-Hill Education partners around the world with students, educators, administrators and other professionals to deliver solutions that improve performance and results. As a cloud-based curriculum, CINCH Learning is the first program of its kind, allowing students to extend the learning experience by accessing content inside or outside the classroom.’

SpeechTrans Surfi

SpeechTrans offers advanced speech-to-speech translation by incorporating the latest speech recognition and translation technologies. Speak any question and Surfi, a Natural Language Answering Engine, can display it, and speak an answer directly back to you.


AirStrip is leading the use of mobility to drive clinical transformation in health systems nationwide. With AirStrip ONE Cardiology, clinicians can access vital data from across the care continuum in a single, unified format with positive clinical, financial, and physician impact.


Spotfire Metrics integrates analysis throughout the entire decision-making process. Uniquely connecting processes and individuals to events within and without the organization, Spotfire allows the right information to be delivered to the right people at the right time.

Tyler Employee Central

Tyler Technologies creates, delivers and supports software solutions and services that make it easier for local governments and schools to manage their day-to-day business functions. With Munis Employee Central managers can have a 360-degree view of their employees, including Personal Information, Compensation, Withholdings, Accruals and more.

Thank you again to all of our ISV partners that launched with us, and here’s to kicking-off a new era of amazing line of business apps!

Updated November 8, 2014 1:13 am