December 13, 2013 10:23 am

Adopting Surface and Windows 8.1 Boosts Mobility for Pedcor’s Entire IT Department

As I’ve shared before, we are dedicated to delivering a platform that supports the ever-growing number of different mobile scenarios in the workplace. We made great strides on this with enhancements in Windows 8.1, providing an operating system that offers a seamless work experience whether you are docked at your desk, working on a laptop or tablet. Today, Cyril Belikoff, Director on the Surface team, shares details of how Pedcor, a property management company, is utilizing the power and flexibility of Windows 8.1 and Surface Pro 2 to support their employees across a variety of mobile scenarios. -Erwin Visser

Windows on Surface has made a positive difference across industries – medical, legal, education, financial and airlines, to name a few. Similarly, IT departments are evolving the way they work to better serve their (internal) customers. Another great example of this is Pedcor. An affordable housing and commercial property management company made up of about 500 employees across 77 locations, Pedcor has built over 10,000 apartment units across the US. They’re involved in all of the steps it takes to bring a property to life, from development and design all the way up to management, and they’re using Surface to do this. Pedcor’s IT department has adopted Surface Pro 2 as their one device to get the job done for infrastructure management and app development.

Pedcor found Surface Pro 2 to be the one tablet device with the power to run all of the apps they need, including Visual Studio and the System Center tool set, while also offering the hardware capabilities that designers need. Designers are using the Surface Pen and full-HD display to create sketches in digital format that they can quickly and easily send through for approval. Whether Pedcor IT staff are using Surface while docked at their desk or transformed into a tablet, the flexibility of Surface is impacting their business, giving them access to diagnostic tools and key information at their fingertips right when they need it. No longer being stuck at a desk and cutting out the back and forth they once had to do, they can simply take their work with them wherever they go.

“The bottom line is get the job done, and Surface enables us to do that.” – Sumeeth Evans, VP of IT for Pedcor.

Surface is enabling IT departments to be untethered and work more efficiently and effectively, getting instant access to all of their information and data to stay connected and productive no matter where they are – whether that’s in the data center, supporting users, designing and architecting or working from home.

IT approved for its mobility and productivity qualities, Surface is the one device to get the job done.

Cyril Belikoff
Director, Surface

Updated November 8, 2014 1:12 am