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Windows 10: Making Deployment Easier

By Jim Alkove

As Joe mentioned in this blog post, the amount of interest in the Windows 10 preview has been We appreciate that IT pros are trying out the new features and providing But more importantly, we appreciate the sheer number of… Read more

Introducing Windows 10 for Business

By Jim Alkove

Hello from San Francisco! I’m Jim Alkove, I lead the Windows enterprise program management Today, Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore announced a new approach to the way we plan, develop and deliver Windows, with a first look at Windows Windows… Read more

Building the Mobile Workplace with Windows and Windows Phone

By Erwin Visser

Today, at the Build 2014 conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced new features and improvements for businesses in Windows Update and announced a new release of the Windows Phone OS, with Windows Phone months ago, with the launch of Windows… Read more

An SMB Checklist 60 Days until XP EOS

By Jay Paulus

It’s been fantastic to talk with small and medium-sized business owners over the last few months who are excited about the ways that Windows Pro can both help their business and make their employees more But, with only two months… Read more

Windows 8.1: One Vision, One Platform for everything you do at work

By Erwin Visser

Beginning today, Windows is available to all commercial customers and As we’ve shared before, Windows represents a significant milestone for our business Windows builds on our vision to offer businesses the most powerful and flexible modern operating system across devices,… Read more

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview Now Available

By Erwin Visser

Today, I’m excited to announce that Windows Enterprise Preview is now available for download for customers to start testing the operating system in their Windows Enterprise Preview builds on the Window Preview which is currently available, adding premium features designed… Read more