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March 10, 2008

Nokia N95 garners Greenpeace kudos

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – The breakneck acceleration in eco-savvy electronics prompted a Greenpeace mission to hunt out the greenest gadgets available during 2007.

The report sees the N95 highlighted as one of the most environmentally sound mobiles out there, earning eco back-slaps for it being totally PVC free and a serious power saving device.

Heaps of handsets were put through rigorous Greenpeace testing, “assessing them on their use of hazardous chemical substances, energy efficiency, overall product lifecycle (recyclability and upgradeability) and other factors such as promotion of environmental friendliness and innovation.” Alongside this Greenpeace eco autopsy Nokia has released details that the N95 is in fact 77% recyclable, giving it even greater sustainability standing in the eco-gadget community.

Since the Greenpeace Electronics Survey 2007 was executed, Nokia has released an even greener handset in the form of the 3110 Evolve. And this push for environmentally friendly phones is primed to grow even more rapidly over the coming year, especially with news that from now on at least 80% of every new Nokia device will be recyclable and free of PVC.