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March 13, 2008

Oracle and Nokia working in harmony

REDWOOD, USA – As a result of five years of cooperation and co-development, Oracle today revealed the certification of a number of Nokia products as being interoperable with Oracle’s CRM and database software.

In a move that’ll enable the devices to function more like desktop PCs it appears the world of business just got a whole lot more efficient.

The move puts Nokia ahead of other manufacturers in integration with Oracle’s business-class applications according to Motley Fool, simply by the wider selection of software available on Nokia devices.

Information Week highlighted some of the key benefits for users and organisations running Oracle software

Oracle achieved interoperability on three different fronts. It validated Nokia’s Intellisync Device Management with Oracle’s Siebel CRM software. In addition, Oracle Database Lite is now available on Symbian Version 9/S60 Version 3, which lets enterprises mobilize applications for use on Nokia devices. Finally, Oracle said that Siebel Wireless can run on the Nokia E90 Communicator.