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March 13, 2008

Smartphone content trends unveiled

TEXAS, USA – Over the past year there’s been a seismic shift in the way smartphones are used.

According to a new report from Handango, the world’s leading smartphone content provider, entertainment content has leapfrogged from third place into the top slot as the leading category, usurping business and productivity apps.

The 2007 Year-end Handango Yardstick report covered multiple operating systems, including Symbian OS, BlackBerry, Palm OS and Windows Mobile. However, it’s a slightly different story from a purely Symbian OS standpoint, with productivity applications sweeping across most of the top 10 best-selling list, with the N95 highlighted as the number one device.

1. SBSH Papyrus (time manager)
2. Handy Calendar for S60 (calendar manager)
3. LCG Jukebox (music player)
4. ProfiMail (email viewer)
5. Quickoffice Premier (document manager)
6. Handy Weather for S60 (weather monitor)
7. Advanced Call Manager (call manager)
8. WorldMate Professional (travel assistant)
9. Ultimate Voice Recorder (voice recorder)
10. IM+ (instant messenger)
Top 10 best-selling Symbian OS applications in 2007 on Handango

Of course, Handango is only a modest slice of where all smartphone content is being accessed from, plus it’s important to remember these are paid-for services, skewing the overall picture as the number of free applications has also sky-rocketed over the past twelve months.

Either way, what remains significant is that the evolution of smartphones is bringing with it a definite rapid surge in new and exciting ways to exploit the advance features converging in new devices.