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March 17, 2008

An introduction

ESPOO, Finland – Welcome to Nokia Conversations!

We’re here to cover stories from all around the Nokia neighbourhood – it‚Äôs about the people, products and services, thoughts, interests, business and beyond. It is about the stories you tell or comment on, or simply want to read.

And this is not all talking and no listening. This is about conversation: We need to respect those who speak to us and about us. We need to listen carefully, without being defensive. We need to speak openly and honestly. We are a participant in the conversation, not the drivers.

We also see ourselves as the old-style central office switchboard operator. Connecting folks to what’s out there. Make connections between conversations about Nokia and what is related to us.

And Nokia Conversations is more than a site, more than a blog. A site implies we are a hub or destination, the center of the conversation, or the only place for the conversation to happen. We want to make it easy for folks to create more connections, more conversations, here and elsewhere.

So, welcome to Nokia Conversations. We look forward to joining you in the conversations.  In the coming weeks, I‚Äôll use this column to tell you more about the site and who is behind it.

Until then,