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March 18, 2008

N-Gage keen to shatter mobile gaming mould

LOS ANGELES, USA – In November of last year a new breed of mobile game was unveiled to be in development for N-Gage, dubbed Project White Rock. Promising a fresh angle on portable entertainment it will be the first game to cross-breed mobile and PC multiplayer interaction.

This new form of gaming crossover blurs the boundaries of where mobile entertainment begins and ends, but definitely reinforces the focus on pure innovation that’s in the forefront of the minds of teams driving N-Gage. Will Shen, N-Gage Head of Production in North America, recently spoke to, emphasizing this overall vision:

Will Shen, N-Gage Head of Production in North America (the guy behind all the first-party launch titles), who confirmed that they‚Äôre looking at creating games that harness the power of your built-in camera, GPS receiver and any relevant skill your handset may possess that could help inspire and execute innovative games… Shen also stated that Nokia is seriously looking at location-based gaming via GPS, but level-headedly emphasizing that the ‚Äúfocus is on innovation‚Äù, and not gimmick gaming.

Nokia also announced today that “[Project] White Rock will be the highest production value mobile game ever created”, triggering a new surge of excitement from the mobile gaming elite, including

Over at Pocket Gamer towers, we‚Äôve been having hours of head-scratching fun trying to work out what‚Äôs going on when it comes to Nokia‚Äôs strange mobile2PC Project White Rock… Continuing to ramp up the interest is a snippet from Nokia‚Äôs latest press release.

In the meantime we’ll be speaking to the teams behind upcoming N-Gage games to bring you more in-depth look at the types of experiences this new platform is endeavoring to create.