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March 20, 2008

Support 2.0

HELSINKI, Finland – As devices become more advanced, the need to support users increases. In Nokia’s case this is about to evolve with the online support section of about to get a host of new features and functionality.

Engaging users in supporting other users has proved not only useful but powerful and engaging. Using Nokia’s support forums, tens of thousands of discussions have been posted by users sharing tips, advice and help.

The team behind online support is looking to push things even further though, extending the support site to enable more users to generate content relevant to other users.

With a range of online tools available, creating the next generation of support will help Nokia customers get the most from their devices. Wikis, blogs and other content-sharing tools will be employed to enable customers to troubleshoot each other’s problems and help get more from devices.

Users will also be able to submit and share tips and rate them, so other users can quickly see and decide which are the most relevant to them.

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