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March 24, 2008

Using GPS at 600 miles per hour

ATLANTIC OCEAN – Picking up a GPS signal in an inner city can be tricky enough. How about in the middle of the Atlantic? Six miles up, traveling 600 miles an hour?

Well, that’s what one guy did, and he’s got the screen shots to prove it.

Ant from the Fresh Plastic blog carried out the GPS experiment on a recent flight from New York to London. Somewhere over the mid-Atlantic, he managed to pick up a GPS signal and track his movements using Nokia Sports Tracker. The charts threw up some killer stats including a top speed of almost 600mph and altitude in excess of 33,000ft.

The N95 8GB getting a fix at nearly 600 miles per hour through a cabin window on a Delta Airlines jet flying between New York’s Kennedy and London’s Gatwick!  Yeah it took a while to get a fix and yeah it kept losing it but hats off to the little box of wonders.  My old Bluetooth GPS unit couldn’t get a fix unless stationary.  Walk at an average pace of between 2-3 mph and it just wouldn’t lock on.  At nearly 600 mph it’d stand no chance.

Back on dry land, Ant plotted the stats on Google Earth before posting the screenshots on his blog.

Done anything similar? Prove it.