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March 31, 2008

Dave Stewart on the Nokia Artists Advisory Council

LOS ANGELES, USA – Alongside his work with PangeaDay, legendary musician and former Eurythmics band member, Dave Stewart is founding member of Nokia’s new
Artist Advisory Council.

The initiative is designed to foster an artist-friendly environment
within Nokia and was set up by Tero Ojanpera, executive vice president
of entertainment and communities.

Stewart and Ojanpera were recently interviewed and questioned about the council. The musician is reported as having “strong ideas on how technology and digital business models should benefit acts and their fans” and is cited as being the driving force behind the council’s creation.

He sums up his view of what the Council is and does:

It’s a vision of the future where people would want to dig deeper in the world of an artist and where artists would be willing to be more experimental because the payment systems would be more transparent and different than they are today. It’s about artists linking together and being collaborative.

Stewart definitely seems determined and confident in delivering a fairer deal for musicians and for the fans. He could well be onto something and the interview, reported in full on is well worth a read.