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March 31, 2008

Mobile GPS hitting maturity

PALO ALTO, USA – When BBC tech reporter Darren Waters recently swung by the Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto, he shot a pair of little-seen candid vids showcasing some smart developments.

His clips demo photographing real-life objects to retrieve information about them. Plus, a video highlighting advances in real-time traffic reporting. The not-so secret ingredient in both these developments? A generous sprinkling of GPS.

Dubbed ‘augmented reality’ this short piece of footage paints a picture of the potential of GPS-enabled camera devices – in this case the GPS is used once a shot is taken to pinpoint the location and narrow down the options of what object in that place is being captured. See it in action here…

Likewise, GPS is the lynchpin in Waters’ video that highlights how Nokia Research Centre is working in collaboration with Berkley University to improve live traffic info on-the-go…

Do you reckon you’d use these new technologies in your day-to-day routine?

Photo from Unhindered by talent