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April 4, 2008

Personal navigation – the next generation

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – This summer the world of Navigation will descend on Amsterdam to outline the next generation of navigation.

With navigation rapidly evolving from the car to the hand, the road ahead is paved with all manner of exciting new innovation.

Speaking to event organisers Telematics Update, Nokia’s Mark Selby said Nokia expects to sell 37-million GPS-enabled devices by the end of the year.

Writing about the upcoming conference, report that

“Navigation has finally penetrated the mass market, and navigation products have cemented their position as ‘must have’ consumer items. Industry pioneers now need to ensure that their solutions stand out to maintain their stake in the evolving market.”

The story also highlights how personal navigation and Location Based Services are expected to take off in 2008. Nokia will join a host of other big names in the Navigation industry at the conference to discuss the major topics affecting navigation.

We’re pretty excited about how navigation has now genuinely become personal, and it’s set to have a bigger impact in the future. What do you think?