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April 8, 2008

Up close and personal navigation

LAS VEGAS, USA – Satellite navigation is seriously under the microscope at the moment, with heaps of companies looking at fresh ways to enhance the intricacies of GPS-based experiences.

The latest to appear on the map is Blue Dasher Technologies.  This Miami based outfit is dead set on rapidly creating top quality seamless 360¬∞ images at street level, recently announcing it has completed every public street in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas and South Florida in record time.

It’s the speed and frequency at which the images are being captured, alongside ultra accurate GPS information, that’s most impressive. It’s this sort of approach that could truly let personal navigation enable you to intimately relate to your surroundings via GPS on a widespread scale.

“Blue Dasher Technologies built their software to overcome the traditional limitations of GPS signals and to enable image capture vehicles to travel as fast as posted speed limits on streets and highways. This has made it possible to cover every street in a county quickly, and at the same time capture the large number of photographs needed for a superior user experience.”

“Past approaches limit the speed of travel, sometimes to 15 mph or less. Blue Dasher vehicles travel with the normal flow of traffic and capture one picture every 10 feet. The resulting high-density photography gives viewers an unparalleled sense of reality. In addition, with Blue Dasher, users have access to exact addresses, not approximations, which results in a much more useful tool for planning a trip online or checking out a building and neighborhood.”

Do you reckon this having this level of detail is important when it comes to personal navigation, and is it sustainable with the ever-changing nature of cityscapes?