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April 9, 2008

N-Gage games shower incoming

LONDON, UK – The number of games coming to N-Gage has the potential to skyrocket in a brilliantly short space of time.

Ideaworks3D, the company behind launch titles System Rush:
Evolution and Mile High Pinball, has unveiled a smart new tool that lets games developers rapidly deploy existing games onto the N-Gage platform.

And not just traditional mobile games – there’s even scope for Nintendo DS games to be ported across to N-Gage.

The slow nature of games development has traditionally been a thorn in the side of any new gaming platform – games are few and far between often leaving gamers begging for more action. However, the release of the Airplay SDK 3.5 from Ideaworks3D promises to speed up N-Gage’s maturation process even further, and mean an influx of ready-made games.

Rob Taylor-Hendry, Head of Ideaworks3D’s studio explains what’s possible:

“Ideaworks3D offers publishers a professional
service to port existing content from BREW, Java, Nintendo DS and other
platforms to N-Gage using Airplay. Not only does this offer a rapid and
proven route-to-market, the games can then be redeployed to all other
native platforms for minimal cost. Several leading publishers are already
committed to using Airplay.”

More games can only be a good thing, right? What do you think?