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April 10, 2008

Enabling the workforce

MIAMI, USA – As a technology company, it’s vital for Nokia to always be pursuing next generation tech, not just in the research labs, but right across the company.

Web 2.0 applications can make a big difference for sharing information between colleagues (Nokia has over 700 internal blogs and in excess of 2,000 Wikis), but they bring with them the kind of headaches every IT director fears.

In a recent interview with Nokia CIO, John Clarke, talks about why it’s important to embrace Web 2.0 at a corporate level, but to ensure it’s done so securely.

“I’ve always been realistic about Web 2.0 products. When I first joined, we had an injection of speed ensuring that we could offer these services internally, and people could use them without feeling they were breaking the rules”

Having a CIO who’s excited and enthusiastic about new technology and enabling better collaboration makes a big difference. But as with any major corporation security is key as John explains

“But equally I’m still cautious about security, which most people don’t want to talk about, but that’s part of my duty. We’re not a small seven-man company. Some people can be a bit na√ɬØve, in my opinion, about these applications, like with the sharing of data, saying ‘it’s only data, who cares?’ Well, I care.”

Clarke highlights the key part of his role as enabling employees to collaborate and communicate and exposing them to new ways of engaging with technology.

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