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April 11, 2008

Changing the way we work

SAN FRANCISCO, USA – The days of relying on having an office to stay in touch with colleagues is thankfully, going the way of the dodo. More companies are opening up to flexible working, mobility, and ensuring employees are where they’re most beneficial (hint: it’s usually not behind a desk).

Making employees mobile however brings with it a whole raft of
challenges for corporate security – keeping data safe AND accessible to
those who need it is no easy task.

Andy Buss, Principle Analyst with specialist hi-tech industry analysts Canalys, says

“There has been a huge shift to mobile computing and a blurring of the boundaries between personal and corporate computing. Users are connecting to unmanaged personal and public networks. Online threats often silently compromise many computers. Many companies are moving to converged networks running critical communications services such as voice and video. Being able to respond to these challenges while reducing the cost and complexity of securing it all will be critical.”

Nokia has been working with intrusion and detection specialists, Sourcefire to develop the latest in a range of networking equipment designed to enable mobile working whilst keeping business critical information out of the hands of intruders. Together the companies recently launched their latest product, the Nokia IP2450 Intrusion Prevention with Sourcefire. Tom McDonnagh, President and COO of Sourcefire says

“By combining a great platform such as the Nokia multi-gigabyte sensor with the award-winning Sourcefire software, we are enabling customers to discover, block and proactively defend against emerging threats.”

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Photo from Popcorncx