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April 14, 2008

Fresh gaming possibilities for emerging markets

INTERNATIONAL– N-Gage might be stealing the mobile gaming limelight, but it turns out that new videogame horizons could stretch far beyond high-spec wireless mobile multiplayer action.

We came across a little-seen video posted on the Forum Nokia blog, highlighting the potential of WidSets-based multiplayer gaming over a mobile network without the need for a fast 3G connection. But what’s most exciting is when you consider this breed of entertainment as a potential a building block for mobile gaming in emerging markets without established and expensive high speed infrastructures.

This aspect mightn’t have been touched upon in Paul Coulton’s post on the Forum Nokia blog, nonetheless much of what is said sparks the question of where this sort of gaming could be best implemented and enjoyed?

The example seen in the video below is classic four-in-a-row game. In his article Paul Coulton talks about the new gaming possibilities associated with WidSets Widgets:

“As the following video shows you can check who‚Äôs on line and who wants to play and then make a challenge. BTW this is in real-time across the mobile network and without a 3G connection!… Although the game is quite straight forward, and it might be nice to add an in game  chat or taunt facility , it does illustrate the interesting possibilities for WidSets Widgets as a great casual games platform which would seem complimentary to the new n-gage platform.”

Where do you think this sort of gaming fits into the bigger picture of mobile entertainment? There’s no question it has a place, but where is that?

Photo from timparkinson