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ESPOO, Finland – Near Field Communications, and the whole tap-to-pay and tap-to-share concept, is an exciting twist on the mobile convergence theme. But it’s felt somewhat anonymous without an attractive flagship device to associate with it, and something to ground the concept in a day-to-day reality.

Whereas the clamshell 6131 NFC was a more reserved design, now Near Field Communication has a striking face, in the shape of the Nokia 6212 classic. And despite it being unavailable to buy until the third quarter of 2008, having a product to associate with it the run up to launch will surely help cement NFC as something we’re all interested in experiencing first-hand.

Simply tapping an object with an NFC-enabled tag built-in, for ticketing, receiving information, sharing content and sending payment, is no doubt a huge leap for mobile devices and Jeremy Belostock, Head of NFC at Nokia, says:

“NFC-capable handsets such as the Nokia 6212 classic are set to change the way mobile phone users interact with devices and services in their surroundings… With the Nokia 6212 classic, people can swap items like business cards or calendar notes by simply tapping their handsets together. With ever-increasing device functions and services available, ease-of-use is essential. One way to keep things simple is NFC.”

We’ll be stopping by at the Near Field Communications conference that’s being held in London tomorrow, to catch up with Jeremy and get more info on what we can expect from the future of NFC services. So check back tomorrow for updates.

Do you think NFC will take off when it launches?