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April 21, 2008

Welcome to the conversation

ESPOO, Finland – Welcome to the Conversation. This one, though, is unlike any you’ll have seen before. It’s being written, presented and hosted by people in and around Nokia and pulls together all the conversations going on around the Nokia neighbourhood.

We hope you’ll take the time to stop by often, and stay in touch. Feel free to add a comment to any article that sparks your interest and let us know if you find one that doesn’t.

We want to do all we can to make this site as good as it can be. But we can’t act alone. We need you to comment on the stories and take part in the conversation. We want you to let us know if you’ve seen or heard a conversation going on, so we can let everyone else know. This site is about bringing everything together – not just from the inside out, but from the outside in. Together we can make it great.

You can keep on top of the conversation using one of our RSS feeds, catch up with us on one of our other social channels, and catch us on your phone too.

So, stick around, enjoy and stay in touch.


Charlie, Carita, Mike and James

Photo of “espoo at night” from Ristok