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April 24, 2008

Beyond the megapixel

MADRID, Spain – The devil is most definitely in the fine detail when it comes to camera phones, yet the megapixel is no longer the match-winner. Nor should it be. There’s been a seismic shift now focussing on the extra technical and social talents of mobile imaging devices.

The advent of sharing shots and tagging them with valuable information, such as location co-ordinates, surely can’t be a fad. We might be casually entering this new dawn in the way we’re able to manage our digital memories, but the potential for how we interact with and share images is phenomenal. The blend of simple yet powerful communication talents built into a camera phones and online sharing tools such as Ovi and Flickr are barely in their infancy. Noticing and nurturing this relationship beyond the megapixel is surely where the future of camera phones lies.

Yesterday, the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), touched on this when it awarded the N82 “Best Mobile Imaging Device in Europe”. It wasn’t solely the 5-megapixel camera that garnered the award, it was the technical extras and communication tools orbiting the N82’s 5MP camera that helped secure it. Juka Kokkonon, Director of Nseries devices supports this view:

“The Nokia N82 is an excellent example of how converged devices entirely change the way people contribute to and share on the Internet by combining strong camera capabilities with built-in A-GPS and an array of connectivity features.”

We’ve previously touched on some of the other exciting developments that the Nokia Research Center is looking into such as Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things, which basically refers to the real-world being the Internet and you soaking up information on objects by taking photos of them.

Where do you think the future of camera phones is headed, and are we on the right track?

Photo from rudolf_shuba