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April 24, 2008

When things go wrong with updating your device software

It’s not fun if a device you cherish stops working after a software update. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Amy Gahran.

Amy recently posted articles on her experience trying to recover her device after a failed software update. She upgraded her N95, which ended up incapacitated after the process.

We’ve been looking into this, contacting folks from Nokia Care and Nokia USA. We want to know what users are supposed to do to avoid these problems and what to do if it happens.

It’s great that we have these devices that can do amazing things. But that also means that if one comes back to us, say to get its software updated, then there might be a number of variables out of our control.

We try our best to make sure nothing goes wrong. And, for the most part, people agree that it’s safe to do software updates if done with care.

Still, as exemplified by Amy, there is always a chance that something will go wrong. In those instances, the Support Discussion Boards are a good place for info. People who’ve had issues with the firmware update have solutions for resetting the phone and some have tips on things
to avoid.

Beth Kanter has posted some things to keep in mind when updating, and she talks about her software updating experiences on her N95 site.

One more thing: Amy has written a bunch of other thoughtful comments about Nokia USA. We’re now trying to find out what is happening around those topics, and what we can do about it.