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April 25, 2008

Amazing discussion: “Did the N95 kill Nokia or revive it?”

It’s still our first week in the public eye here at Nokia Conversations and I think we are all hyper-sensitized to all the conversations that are happening out there. Or at least, it seems like the conversations we are stumbling upon are most interesting.

Today, through Ewan at SMS Text News, I found out that Rita, dotsisx of Symbian-Guru,  set off a flurry of comments after she asked the question: ‘Did the N95 kill Nokia or revive it?‘. She’s going to collate the comments to her question in a future post to be written.

It’s interesting that I should find this today, because I have been thinking lately about what the N95 represents and what it does. In many ways, here at Nokia, we considered it a flagship product when it came out. It had a lot of new tech, tried new software, and was potentially a platform for new ways of using mobiles.

And it sort of became true. We’ve seen reports of folks explaining features of our products in terms of the N95, such as ‘oh, it has xyz feature, jut like the N95’. Also, people are using the device in many interesting ways. For example, so many of the people who are broadcasting video through services such as Qik or Flixwagon, are using N95s. And just today I got an email from a journalist in Vancouver who uses the N95, which convinces other journalists to get one too.

I think Rita probably knows this, and some of the comments suggest that her Jaiku mates understand this too. So, yes, the real question, if I can paraphrase RIta, is: ‘Did Nokia realize what a device they had, and did they take advantage of what the device implied?’

Ok. I’ll leave it to you and Rita to really make that assessment. I also think the comments speak volumes.

To me, the following question is: ‘Yo, Nokia, next time you come out with one of these all-in-one wonders, can you be as enthusiastic about it as we are?’

If you’re on Jaiku, go on an leave a comment there. If not, feel free to leave one here.

Rita, looking forward to your article!