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April 25, 2008

The widgets are coming!

ESPOO, Finland – For just about a year, we’ve been taunted with the
prospects of Widgets on our devices. Now we’ve got them, we don’t know
what to do with ourselves!

Earlier this week, Widgets finally went live on S60, opening up a whole new world of web, and GPS, based entertainment and information on the move.

And I’m super excited. I reckon widgets are going to transform how we use our phones, the Internet on the move and even things such as GPS.

Already we’re seeing context-aware widgets in the form of WeatherBug which knows where you are (by using your GPS) and gives you the weather forecast for that area without you having to lift a finger. Simple, effective and frankly, a touch brilliant.

Because widgets use open standards, it’s relatively straightforward to build one from scratch, or port one from another widget environment. That means we should see a steady influx of new lightweight micro-applications and frankly, I can’t wait.

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