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April 25, 2008

“Where do we go from here?”

LONDON, England – That headline is taken from the last line of Amy Gahran’s latest Nokia related post on And it’s a very reasonable question. From Nokia Conversations’ side at least, we’re planning to follow this through to the end.

For us, this is the start of a conversation and one that we’re interested in, one that we want to explore and evolve.

There are a whole bunch of questions that need answers and it’s our
role in life to try and find them. So that’s what we’re going to do.
Sure, it’ll take time, and some considerable effort given the forces
and scale involved, but we want to explore and find out.

Amy raised six key areas where she believes Nokia could make a difference, particularly in the USA.

  1. Don’t blame your intermediaries
  2. Price and sell your product reasonably
  3. Speed repair turnaround time and enhance your warranty
  4. Frankly and publicly discuss your known firmware update problems
  5. Fix your firmware update process
  6. Expand US local retail availability and service

There’s a long road to travel before we get to the bottom of all of these issues. Hopefully though it’ll be one that sees Amy’s experience transforming from a negative one into a positive one that others can benefit from.

This brings us back to why Nokia Conversations was created. It’s to become involved and engaged in the conversation. It isn’t just about the happy stuff, it’s about the stuff we find genuinely interesting. This is a perfect example.

Watch out for more on this topic over the coming days, weeks and,
perhaps, months. Meanwhile, if you have a story to tell or an
experience to share – good or bad – let us know.

Photo from Javan