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April 28, 2008

Keeping up with the conversations

ESPOO, Finland – Wow. It’s only been a week since Conversations went live but already we’ve had some fantastic feedback and input. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to comment on the conversations so far.

I’ve been through the comments and found some interesting topics for a
follow up. We’ll be scouting out feedback on some of these over the
coming weeks and will report back with our findings.

We’re planning to make this post a regular feature, where we delve into the comments section and pick out the choice cuts for a follow up. So, if you’ve got a conversation you’d like to kick off, leave a comment on a related story, or feel free to add more below.

Here are the topics we’re going to be following up over the next few weeks.

Antoine picked up on The Internet of Things with this comment

How is Nokia helping to push “The Internet of Things?” Besides having the capable hardware, are there places where this is being tested/practiced in ways that we can see some of what is possible versus what is realistic for users?

Phoneboy picked up on the Open standards initiative and highlighted a very simple fact…

Open standards–and open source–are a driving force on the desktop space. Why would we expect mobile phones to be any different in this regard?

Meanwhile, with a rush of Music Store related announcements last week, Ari shares his thoughts on the future of the Music Store

I have an iPod, but I believe dedicated music players will disappear in two years. To make the service even better, it should make problem-free MP3 tracks available instead of problematic DRM tracks that tend make consumers’ lives more complicated.

With local music playing a big part of Nokia’s Music Store, Ricky Cadden (AKA Symbian Guru) gives us his thoughts on it

I think local music is going to be a major key to the future of digital music. Local artists oftentimes have passionate fans who will rally around anyone who befriends the artist, and most local artists smartly avoid the ‘big’ labels, which the digital music aficionados know as the RIAA (not a positive connection, mind you).

Finally, Monadi sums up his thoughts on NFC

It will take time for it to take off. NFC needs to be integrated in mainstream handsets (Nseries, or Eseries) for it’s potential to be realized.

Watch out for more on these and other topics over the coming weeks.