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April 30, 2008

Let the music (store) play on

SINGAPORE CITY, Singapore – The Nokia Music Store opened its virtual doors to users in Asia yesterday with the official launch of the Singapore Nokia Music Store. With millions of tracks on offer from both international and local artists, the store
offers local music fans the chance to buy music 24/7.

With almost daily launches in new countries, the Nokia Music Store train is rapidly building up a head of steam.

Gary See is the managing director of Universal Music in Singapore and he believes there’s rising demand for digital music in Singapore and now, with the introduction of the new store, there’re increased options for consumers to help feed that demand. He also believes the store will help “bring artists closer to their audience through their mobile device” and describes the mobile as “an intimate platform that is always with people”. We couldn’t agree more Gary.

Like the raft of other Nokia Music Stores launched recently, the Singapore store includes a mixture of International music and tracks from local artists. Ocean Butterflies Music and Rock Records Singapore are just two local labels with music on offer at the store,  along with Thai music from the Thailand-based independent label RS Digital. Billy Koh is founder and director of Ocean Butterflies Music and he reckons this latest move is “a key development for the music industry”.

We’d like to know if there’s a country where you’d like to see the Nokia Music Store land. We can’t make promises, but we can make sure the right people get to find out about it. Get in touch or leave a comment below.

Photo from echiner1