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April 30, 2008

Surrounded by brilliance

My mind is still bubbling with thoughts set off by the Nokia Design Event. I’ve been talking with the folks behind the Homegrown projects and we’re soon going to have some of them write some articles for us and contribute some videos and photos, to share here.

Raphael Grignani has a great overview of the Homegrown projects. In his article, he shares the background insights and problems that led to various projects under Homegrown. The goal was to “work towards the most sustainable, ethical, and desirable communication solutions for Nokia”. And the solutions they came up with were based on hard facts, real people needs, and, at the core, sustainability.

The folks who primarily worked on Homegrown were Andrew Gartrell, Rhys Newman, Duncan Burns, Pascal Wever, Raphael Grignani, Pawena Thimaporn, Tom Arbisi, Simon James, Jan Chipchase, Anne Coates, Peter Knudsen, Hannu Nieminen, and Kurt Walecki.

Not only are these folks brilliant and creative, but they have a passion for what they do.

Now though, I wonder now how we take these concepts and ideas and actually translate them into a product you and I can use? It’s a long way from the design studio, via the product production teams, to the person for whom the product was intended to help. All the brilliance in the world won’t help if we never do anything with it. Right?

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