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May 1, 2008

3110 Evolve goes public

LONDON, England – Our mates at have been playing with
the all new Nokia 3110 Evolve – the first Nokia device to use

As SmartPlanet editor Adam Vaughan describes it “a phone
so green, it makes the Incredible Hulk look positively lime coloured”

The Evolve comes packed in a box much smaller than standard Nokia boxes, instantly highlighting its green creds. However, Adam takes umbrage at the fact the box is made of 60 per cent recycled card, and not 100 per cent (we’re sure there’s a good reason for that, so we’ll be looking into it bit further). He also highlights the compostable plastic used inside which he describes as “a cute touch”.

The thing that stands out for Vaughan though is the casing material used to make the device, but once again he questions why it isn’t 100 per cent bio-material – is there no pleasing this boy?

He does have a point though and once again we’ll be in search of the answers. Watch out for more on this coming up.

Check out Adam’s video review on

By the way Adam, I always thought limes were green.