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May 1, 2008

DON’T talk to the hand – no need!

ESPOO, Finland – We’re big fans of Tommy V here (he’s the guy responsible for Nokia Beta Labs) and his latest suggestion is just spot on for where Nokia needs to be. He wants to turn blogging responsibilities over to the software developers, so they can have a direct connection with users.

Now that is just awesome. Tommy reckons the level of comments is just too much to handle. “We are having the positive problem of how to manage all the feedback” Vilkamo told BusinessWeek.

Since Beta Labs launched last year, over 1million copies of Sports Tracker (the first Beta Labs app) have been downloaded. The feedback from users has been incredible with many suggesting improvements and tweaks to help the development of the software.

Tommy was also surprised by the kind of uses people found for Sports Tracker which he describes as “misusing the application in creative ways”.

Over 20 apps have rolled out over Beta Labs since the launch of Sports Tracker and there’s no sign of the flow stopping. Head on over and check out the apps and make sure and let Tommy and the team know what you think.

I’m really excited about this latest development. It’s part of why I wanted to be involved in Conversations – getting users closer to the people responsible for the products. That kind of access is invaluable to both sides and helps make the products better for everyone.

What do you think?