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May 2, 2008

Ovi and widgets get a boost!

BONN, Germany – The mobile Internet got a nice little boost today with the news of Nokia’s collaboration with T-Mobile. The operator will be supporting Ovi on its network and handsets and Nokia will be offering bespoke handsets on T-Mobile, complete with T-Mobile’s Web’n’Walk and MyFaves.

I’ve been using T-Mobile’s Web’n’Walk service for well over a year now and have
to say it’s a pretty good. Getting decent Widgets and services going on there is
going to make it even better.

The announcement talks about further cooperation on things like social networking and Instant Messaging too, which could be quite cool. Bolt on the support for Music, Maps and Games and you’re looking at a decent package that’ll take the Mobile Internet on a few steps.

All this means a better service all round, whilst tighter integration between the device and the operator should give us users a pretty seamless experience.

I’m pretty excited about the arrival of Widgets too. For me that takes the Mobile Internet to a whole new level. Being able to use lightweight applications that are easy to use, connected and genuinely useful is what the Mobile Internet is all about. Handy Weather is such a simple app, but so useful. There are loads of Widgets already out there and because they’re so easy to make, we’re sure to see a lot more coming. Bring it on!

What do you think?