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Due to May Day festivities, there has been a wee slowdown here at Nokia Conversations. Finland (where one half of our team is located) was basically closed last Thursday and Friday and the UK (where the other half of the team lives) is enjoying itself today. But, that hasn’t slowed down the visitors.

We’ve been getting some great comments and traffic with our Nokia 3600 slide, the Nokia 6600 slide and fold videos, and with the video with the designers talking about the story behind the Nokia 6600, all posted last Monday.

The ease with which we can now make these videos (many with an N95, of course) is really just part of why it seems like more videos are pouring out, revealing the insides of Nokia. The main reason, I see, is that there has been an attitude change.

It’s taken time, but the folks here at Nokia are relaxing their guard and realizing that over-polished over-produced videos are not what you want. You want good-quality, insightful, and to-the-point videos to give you the info (and fix) you need.

Isn’t that so? Well, we hear you and will try to get our hands on, or produce, more such videos.

We also not only want to put out more videos giving you an early peek at devices and an inside look into what we’re thinking, but to also provide more in-depth supporting material, like links and photos. For example, last week we posted a well-received video interview of the designers of the N96 and N78, whom we caught up with at the Nokia Design Event, with series of supporting articles from the event.

So, do you like this mix of video and supporting story and links? Or do you just want videos? Let me know what you think and what other topics you’d like to see videos of.