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May 6, 2008

More to come for the USA

ESPOO, Finland – We wrote last week about how Nokia is tackling changes in the USA but yesterday, head of design at Nokia, Alastair Curtis told Finnish paper Helsingin Sanomat that in the next few months “US operators will carry a lot of new products from us”.

This seems to have sparked a flurry of activity online, with plenty of outlets picking up on the story.

With such a public commitment, it’s pretty clear there must be plenty of projects in the works (and no, we don’t know what they are!). Exciting stuff for anyone living in the US who as we’re pretty sure this will only be the beginning, with plenty more new products yet to come.’s Bryan Gardiner rolled off the usual points but added to the
conversation with a quote from Avi Greengart, Current Analysis’ mobile
research director who said this is a prime opportunity for Nokia to
start refocusing its attention on the U.S. market — especially with
other big names in the mobile space foundering.

Meanwhile on Reuters, eQ Bank analyst Jari Honko said

“When Nokia fixes the U.S. issue that will be the most important driver to increase global market share,”

Even Engadget got in on the action, with some degree of enthusiasm…

“Bring it on, Nokia. We’re ready to see these phones from you, say, in the form of an E71 or Tube?”

It goes to show the level of interest in anything US related. We’ve already seen some brilliant feedback from readers commenting on our US story last week.

We’ll be bringing you news on these new devices as they’re announced. Along with the reaction. Meanwhile, let us know what kind of features you’d like to see on US-focussed devices.