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May 7, 2008

Pangea Day finalists announced

NEW YORK, USA – My Dad used to always say “it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that count”. Yeah right, try telling that to Pier Bardoni, Eduardo Cachucho, Rupert Howe, Bob Calabritto and Kayoom Mistry. They’re the five finalists picked to fly to Los Angeles this weekend to shoot for the ultimate prize on Pangea Day this Saturday.

That said, with Pangea Day, it is the taking part that counts.

Cloud Running, Game, Amazing Rainbows, Smile and Rounds All Around were
the five films picked by the esteemed panel of judges (those who voted
online) to take part in the live final on Saturday. The winning films
represent India, Indonesia, Italy, South Africa, and the UK, offering a
pretty diverse choice of backgrounds and helping to make the day itself
pretty culturally diverse.

The next step for the finalists though will be a whole lot tougher. An
even more esteemed panel of judges, including Dave Stewart and Pangea
founder Jehane Noujaim, will be picking only one winner to claim
the ultimate prize. Although getting into the final is an amazing
achievement for the five finalists, the mobile filmmaking trip of a
lifetime to the Rwandan Gorilla Reserve (with a production budget to
record the trip) is a nice result for the one lucky winner.

Watching the videos really makes you think about what the whole Pangea
idea is about. Kids smiling, simple things making people happy, and
most importantly, the whole world coming together as one. You could do
much worse than spend a few minutes checking out the finalists, and the
ones who didn’t make it.

Picture taken from The Game by Eduardo Cachucho