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May 9, 2008

S60 sweets. What’s your favourite flavour?

INTERNATIONAL – Over the past couple of years we’ve witnessed an explosion of exciting new flavours of S60 applications. Masses of apps have been enabled to evolve and truly spring to life thanks to a number of key factors, such as the proliferation of faster data connections, and smart accessible advances such as GPS in devices.

So when you’re standing in the centre of this ever-growing sweetshop of S60 apps, what flavour do you gravitate towards? Perhaps more importantly, which bite-size chunks of S60 software do you connect with and actually play a part in your day-to-day, making your mobile life that little bit richer? Well, that’s the question the team over at S60 are really keen to explore.

Saara Bergstr√∂m’s recent post on the See Into S60 blog, outlines details of a video contest they’re running to simply find out the stories behind your favourite S60 apps and even your personal tips. Basically, all you’ve got to do is post a video of yourself chatting about it on the Show Your S60 Smarts group on YouTube, and you’re in with a shot of winning an S60 device or a Bluetooth headset and some Handango gift vouchers. The competition closes on the 20th May.

Dan Shugrue, the guy behind the S60 Ambassadors program, kicked things off with an example video where he tells his story about why Nokia Sports Tracker is his favourite S60 app.

For full details on how to enter click here.

But if you don’t fancy entering the comp and sharing your thoughts on film, here at Conversations we’d still really like to know what your favourite S60 apps are and what they mean to you – just leave your comments below.

Photo from Marcus Vegas