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May 12, 2008

Pangea Day: Filmmaker wins date with gorillas

INTERNATIONAL – Saturday saw Pangea Day play out in its full glory, globally celebrating film that promotes tolerance and understanding. Nokia has been closely involved with the event, which saw the five finalists of the 2008 Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Awards have their short films broadcast and judged, with the overall winner receiving a mobile filmmaking trip to the Rwandan gorilla reserve, with a full crew to help them make their film.

And the winning mobile short film is…

The Game – created by Eduardo Cachucho, this engaging 55-second film was shot in a South African township, and shines a brief spotlight on a small video games room that forms part of the KwaTherma Chess Academy. Eduardo explains:

“There is so much energy in the room. To think that most of the children here are such good chess players that they are always getting places in the top chess tournaments!”

He goes on to say in his comments section on Ovi Share:

“The Chess Academy gets almost no funding, so the profits that comes from these game machines means that the children in the area can be taught chess.”

Here’s the video in full…

Congratulations Eduardo, this is a fantastic short film. Also, here’s another top-class short video we stumbled upon that Eduardo shot of last year of the KwaTherma Chess Tournament.

If you want to see all five films from the finalists head over to Ovi Share Pangea Day.