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May 13, 2008

Brief note on the Chinese earthquake

CHENGDU, China – We’re still reeling from the Myanmar cyclone (Nokia is helping via the Finnish Red Cross). Now, closer to ‘home’, an earthquake struck central China. Today I found out that Nokia has a sales office with less than 40 employees in Chengdu. All employees in the office were safely evacuated. We are still trying to locate a small number of local sales representatives, promoters and colleagues visiting Chengdu, and hope to reconnect with them at the latest when the communication networks in Chengdu resume normal operation.

Nokia usually tries to help in these big disasters. I heard that Nokia will donate phones and resources to the affected area. Nokia personnel are now working on logistics to have the resources arrive in Sichuan as soon as possible.

Nokia extends its condolences and sympathies to those affected by the recent tragedies in Myanmar and China.

Photo of Chengdu by George Lu

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