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May 13, 2008

It’s not a phone, it’s a tool!

USA – At least that’s how Matthew Miller from ZDNet sees his mobile. Matt scribed an excellent post recently in response to some of the articles on Nokia Conversations and quite rightly points out the good bits and the bad bits for consumers in the US.

Looking at how the phone has evolved from something that simply makes
calls, Miller hopes US consumers will see mobile devices for what they
really are, and stop thinking of them as phones

“Most U.S. mobile phone owners just want the cheapest (or free) phone
they can get that lets them make calls. I hope that this changes a bit
and that people start looking at their phone as more of tool to stay in
touch with text messaging, email, and phone calls. I could never go
back to a standard phone now that I know how much my phone can actually
do for me.”

And he’s right. Mobile devices are evolving faster than any of us could really imagine. Not just from a technology perspective – that’s been on an evolution curve since the first mobile device existed – but from a social perspective. How we interact with devices is constantly changing, what we do with them is in a permanent state of development and the opportunities ahead are even more ponderous. Features that today are the preserve of intensely high end users will tomorrow be the functionality of everyone. And that’s an interesting perspective.

Oh, and Matthew, you’ll find the videos on the Conversations channel on Share on Ovi.