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May 13, 2008

Mobile broadband gets a speed bump

AUSTRIA – How fast is your broadband at home? On a good day, we get about 3Mbps, which is good enough for most activities, though downloading big files does take a little time. Now how about if we had 10Mbps? That’d be quick, certainly fast enough to do pretty much anything we want online. Now how about if you had 10Mbps on your phone? That’s just what Nokia Siemens managed in a recent test with mobilkom Austria.

Solving the mobile broadband speed problem isn’t easy, given the various elements involved. Traffic bottlenecks have previously halted rapid connection speeds and data rates but a new ‘flat-architecture’ banishes those bottlenecks and opens mobile broadband up to speeds rivaling those you get at home.

Basically the new architecture, dubbed I-HSDPA, bypasses two current
bottlenecks and enable the mobile network to have a direct connection
to the Internet. The 10Mbps speed recorded in the trial is only the
start too. And, because the kit involved is designed to be integrated
into the existing 3G infrastructure, it shouldn’t be too difficult to
roll out. Which means you and me could soon be enjoying speedy
broadband on our mobile devices.

We’ve been longing for it for years and to be fair, we’ve got pretty
good performance in the UK, as does most of Europe. But we’ll always welcome more. What’s even
better is that this new system takes us a step closer to LTE (Long Term
Evolution), essentially 4G, where speeds hit roll into the hundreds of
Megabits per second. Now that is exciting.

If you’d like to know more, has more details on the technology behind the test.