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May 14, 2008

Don’t dump it, recycle it

USA – Nokia USA has come up with a new initiative to save old mobiles from the landfill and instead recycle them and conserve natural resources.

Dubbed We Recycle the process is super simple and we reckon will prove really popular.

Users simply log onto We Recycle, enter their information and a postage paid return label is generated. Then, simply stick the device in an envelope, stick on the label and send it off where Nokia will strip it down, recycling the bits that can be reused and disposing of the ones that can’t.

Writing about it in, Steven Volynets summed up with “Yes,
it’s that simple”
. And, having had a look ourselves, we have to agree. Throwing phones in the bin has always bothered me, which is why I have a substantial collection of devices gathering dust in a cupboard. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this initiative, though wish we had the same service in the UK. So I had a look, and sure enough, there’s a widely unpublicized service available to UK users which enables them to do the same thing.

We’ll be looking further into what happens to the devices once they get
back to Nokia, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on that.

Right now I’m off to do up some Freepost labels and send off my old devices. I may be some time.