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May 14, 2008

Mobile Filmmaking Awards: Winner’s reaction

ESPOO, Finland – Earlier this week we brought you word on Eduardo Cachucho winning the 2008 Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Awards for his 55-second short film entitled The Game, announced at Pangea Day last Saturday,

Eduardo today gave his reaction to winning the award, and touches on what he was hoping to achieve with his mini movie set in a video games room that forms part of the KwaTherma Chess Academy in a South African township.

“It was a huge surprise for me to win this awards. I couldn’t believe it was me when the winner was announced at the broadcast. With my film, I wanted to tell the world that children are children everywhere, no matter where they live, what their race is, or whether they are rich or poor. Children are the same all over and want to have fun and play.”

If you haven’t seen his film The Game, click here to watch it in full.

And if you fancy watching all five films shortlisted for the prize head over to Ovi Share Pangea Day.

Also, there’s a handy mobile filmmaking guide tucked away on the Ovi Share site. It’s pretty short, to the point, and gives a good grounding of tips if you’re thinking about shooting a mini movie of your own. Click here to get it.