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May 15, 2008

Service in the USA – Update

USA – During the first week of Conversations’ public debut, an issue was highlighted which hit perfectly with one of the reasons the site exists in the first place. Having had a terrible experience with Nokia customer service in the USA, Amy Gahran wrote a post on her blog about it. And then she told us about it on here. And boy, are we glad she did.

Charlie and Mark have been exchanging mails with the team in the US, understanding what the situation is right now and what it could be in the future. As we’ve already written, things are a changing in the USA and from what we can tell, this will only be for the better.

Right now though, we have updates and clarity on some of the issues raised by Amy and although not conclusive, they’re at least heading in the right direction. For those new to the conversation, Amy’s key
points were:
1.    Don’t blame your intermediaries
2.    Price and sell your product reasonably
3.    Speed repair turnaround time and enhance your warranty
4.    Frankly and publicly discuss your known firmware update problems
5.    Fix your firmware update process
6.    Expand US local retail availability and service

We have updates on three, four, and five which we’ll be posting over the next day or so. The others we’re still working on and will post when we get more info.

First up, it’s repair turnaround time and the warranty.

UPDATE: We also have some news on the Nokia Software Update.

For clarity’s sake – these discussions around repair and warranty apply specifically to the USA. If you’d like to know the status in your local territory, simply head to and select your region and country,
then head for the support and repair section of the site for local info.