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May 16, 2008

Service in the USA – Nokia Software Update

USA – The original source of Amy Gahran’s problems stem from Nokia Software Update. The software responsible for ensuring the latest version of firmware is available on your device. In Amy’s case, updating the firmware on her new N95 turned the device into a brick, and resulted in her experiencing Nokia’s US customer service.

Although problems relating to NSU are covered under warranty (provided the device has a valid warranty), it doesn’t stop those issues from happening in the first place. The NSU team tell us that over 8 million devices have successfully been through the update process and the failure rate is “very low”.

Recently support for the NSU on Vista was removed due to a recent update of the operating system and the NSU team is working on a fix before its supported again. There isn’t a timeline available for when this will happen, but if you’re using Vista the team would really like to hear from you.

Ricky Cadden, AKA Symbian Guru raised a very valid point in his comment yesterday about why the N95-3 hasn’t had the same firmware updates as other N95 variants. I share his pain personally as I use an N95 on T-Mobile in the UK and it lags way behind non-operator models in firmware updates. Hugely frustrating when you know there’s firmware that makes your device perform and function better, but you can’t get
your hands on it.

And now we have some news – the N95-3 will be getting a firmware update next month (estimated). Yes, it’s real. You can read the full update here.