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UK – Nokia has just launched a smart new scheme on its UK site, dubbed Test Pilot Reviews. A wing of the My Nokia channel, this newly created corner of the site is all about showcasing personal reviews of handsets that have been given to six lucky registered My Nokia users each month.

The idea is dead simple and is primed to give Nokia that extra pinch of personal feedback in a prominent public space of the site. The Test Pilots section has launched with a few handsets, including the N95, Nokia 6500 classic, 5610 XpressMusic and 5310 XpressMusic, having already been put through their paces and commented on by a few small groups of My Nokia registered users.

Each person is asked to respond to a set of focussed questions built around the unique talents of each device.

When asked “What do you think of the thin, classic design and colours of the 5310 XpressMusic?”, Jane Symonds from London came back with this:

“Love it! Slim, sleek and sexy. All my friends have been asking what phone it is. It creates a fair amount of phone envy, which I love!”

Jason Moran from Uxbridge was asked what he thought of the Nokia 6500 classic’s polished aluminium case:

“It has a modern look, but more importantly does not seem to show up fingerprints like previous phones I‚Äôve owned.”

And when posed with the question “What did you think of the music slider with instant mode switching between music player, FM radio and phone idle mode?”, David Dudman from Bath responded:

“It‚Äôs easy to switch from music to phone, just like having an iPod on your phone. Easy to switch from one song to the next when on the move.”

There’s little doubt that all feedback is useful, however what do you reckon to the new Test Pilot reviews? The only shortfall I can currently see, is that the users only seem to be providing positive responses, and aren’t taking the plunge to deliver constructive negative feedback. What do you think?

Photo from nickstone333