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May 20, 2008

New face joins N-Gage frontline

ESPOO, Finland – There’s little doubt that having big-name publishers, such as Electronic Arts, producing world renowned titles for N-Gage helps Nokia’s gaming platform reinforce its position as a premiere mobile entertainment destination. However, for the platform to remain a bastion of quality gaming and innovation as championed by N-Gage producer Will Shen, there must be a focus on delivering only best titles, created by the best minds in games development.

So with quality and innovation hallmarks at its core, Konami has today announced it too is joining the N-Gage fold, debuting with the latest in its tactical espionage saga, the award-winning Metal Gear Solid Mobile.

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid and Corporate Officer at Konami said:

“I believe that this cooperation between Nokia and Konami will form the perfect match to share the vast potential of mobile entertainment content with users all around the world.”

Echoing this, Gregg Sauter, Director of Third Party Games Publishing at Nokia spoke about how this new alliance should help raise the benchmark of mobile gaming even higher:

“We’re excited to see Konami tap into the performance and community features we’ve built into the N-Gage platform… Metal Gear Solid on N-Gage will raise the bar with respect to graphical detail and made-for-mobile features. We look forward to the launch of this great franchise on N-Gage.”

Recently we brought you word on the floodgates opening for more top-class N-Gage titles (read the full story), thanks to the recent release of the Airplay SDK 3.5 from Ideaworks3D – a tool that enables developers rapidly create new titles and port across existing ones, enabling the N-Gage stable of games to grow rapidly without compromising quality. So we’re clearly just at the beginning of an exciting phase of N-Gage’s maturation.