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May 20, 2008

Saving the tigers

RANTHAMBORE, India – Nokia has teamed up with World Wide Fund for Nature – India to support a tiger conservation programme in the country. The tie-up is an extension of an existing relationship with WWF which has seen Nokia’s involvement in a number of conservation programmes around the world. What makes this one interesting though is the involvement of people. No, it isn’t just about the tigers.

The project goes beyond the dwindling tiger population and deals with the threats. Addressing issues such as alternative livelihoods for local communities and helping to increase environmental awareness and communications, the programme aims to work with the locals to ensure the the threat to the tiger population is reduced.

Simply by working with the people, helping them to understand the threat and ensuring they don’t lose out on their livelihoods, should help stem the decrease. I hope this program makes a difference. It always makes for depressing reading when you see another endangered species’ population in rapid decline. Often, simple changes in the local environment can be enough to not just stem the tide, but turn it. And that’s what makes the difference.

Photo by paulmannix