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May 21, 2008

Mamma mia, it’s the Swedish Music Store!

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Okay, the headline might be a little obtuse, but how could we write about a Swedish Music Store and not make some reference to the supergroup that was Abba. As you’ve probably worked out, the Nokia Music Store Sweden opened its doors this week.

The store is packed with the usual range of international music (about 2.5million tracks) sitting happily alongside a tasty collection of local music. This brings the number of music stores to a healthy 10 with plenty more in the pipeline.

Tracks are available for 10.00SEK with albums costing a not unreasonable 100.00SEK. Fancy streaming your music instead? No problem, 100.00SEK per month will give you access to all the music your ears can handle. Oh, and you can soak up a 30-second preview clip of any track too.

We’d like to start pulling together some lists of top artists from individual countries. So, if you’ve been checking out your local store, have come across something particularly good, let us know. You can leave a comment below with details. Don’t be shy.

Meanwhile, to your friends in Sweden, check out the Nokia Music Store

Photo by Powi